About US

Unauthorized versions shoes are made in the same warehouses with the same materials but not distributed by the manufacturer. Sometimes they are extras ( as the manufacturer had reach their quota) and sometimes they have slight defects that didn’t meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

we have been pursuing the quality of the product, but we can not 100% perfect, after all, all products are made by hand, there may be some small flaws, there is no way to avoid, I hope you can forgive this.

All products are sent by DHL, we will do our best to protect the box, we will put the original box outside the bubble bag, plus a corrugated box to ensure that the original product box is not damaged.

We have been selling shoes for 4 years, before the sale in the quick sellers, but they do not let us sell, we had to sell shoes on their own website.

We hope you can trust us and support us!